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When accusing someone, how often do we take our time to understand their side of the story?

When accusing someone, rarely we take the time to listen to them. We are almost certain they're wrong and we're right. We try to make others agree with us. But everything changes when we are the ones being accused. We want others to listen to our explanations and yes, believe us. We do understand how important is to be fair and just, but still try to avoid practicing this ourselves. Why?


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    Jan 31 2013: Because of pride,humans like to win, in any way. In a discussion, in a argument or even in the silliest fights. They maybe lose lots of things in the progress but tuey don't care as long as they win.
    All of this comes from the pride, humans like to judge, win and they don't think of that situation for themeselves, because they thini they are better that the others.
    Pride is an ugly thing and source of many many proboems and bad habits.

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