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Campaign Finance Reform in America

America is indefinitely incarcerated to a two party system unless there is campaign finance reform. Third party candidates who raise enough money are not even allowed to participate in debates. In the most recent election, Buddy Roemer was ostracized by the Republican Party and mainstream media.

We need to level the playing field and adjust to this modern era. Our government has a chance to set America on a path of Reformation before we enter a state of revolution.


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  • Feb 1 2013: So I could be very wrong here but I'm 26 and I found TED only about a year....maybe two years ago. I just read through this post and everyone's replies. I'm just wondering why I just recently found out about TED when it's been going on for years now? I don't have my own children and I don't know if I ever will, BUT I do know that if/when I do TED will be something he/she is aware of at a very early age. If parents actually were responsible adults, which most aren't, then change could come and could come faster than over several generations. Along with that, I'm also starting college and few of my instructors have heard of TED. We (the halfway intelligent introverts) can't blog to each other about how changes never happen when we do nothing to allow change to occur.
    Along more with the topic - For the time being, why couldn't WE (again) contact our representatives and find a way for the VP to be the opposing party of the President? I would love to see a third party rise up but this would be bearable for me at least until I'm dead and gone. So that's my two cents.
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      Feb 2 2013: Jared, Your comments regarding the Vice President are interesting as I have reviewed the history of the office. I suggest that you devise this into a subject of discussion for the TED community. It really is seperate from the subject outlined here.

      I look forward to participating in your discussion on the VP.

      Welcome aboard and I wish you well. Bob.
      • Feb 7 2013: Thank you for your reply Bob. I just get on here and read about things when I'm not studying for any of my six classes.

        Finance reform? We have a debt ceiling, why not make a finance ceiling for each party? I'm not an expert so my off the wall guess of $5 million might be too less or too much. I do know that it would be nice to see campaign money spent elsewhere. Oh, and shorten the campaigns for crying out loud. Give them three to 6 months and have each write and submit publicly their goals and plans to obtain or comply with their goals.
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          Feb 8 2013: Jared, Another good subject for conversation. Why not have no funds each man make a single statement .... each network (ABC, CBS, NBC ) host one debate each prior to the election at no cost ... no stickers ... no convention ... The encumbent cannot use AF one and travel nor make press conferences to campaign ... nor can any member of any party do so on behalf of the candidates.

          One statement ... three dabtes ... cheating is a forfeit and elimation. Open to all parties.

          Whatcha think.

          Good luck in your studies. What is your major.

          I wish you well. Bob.
      • Feb 9 2013: I have too many interests so I haven't chosen a major just yet. I'm working with career counselors to determine what type of personality I have and where I would fit in the best. Though, I do question whether these things actually work or not. Since the government is paying for my education, I'd like to work towards two degrees. Right now, I'm really interested in philosophy.

        I love your idea. You'd have to minimize the candidates somehow though. For some reason everyone that I meet thinks that they could change the country for the better if only they were President. Maybe some kind of tournament style tree in each state? Then each region would have a debate with the winners from the states. Then each region would have a debate within their own time zones or something? All leading up to the three major debates. A definition of parties would have to be made to keep from random people acknowledging a unique party out of nowhere with no competition. Know what I mean?

        I'd like to chat with you more besides finding your comments here. If you're interested my email is...first name (.) last name at gmail.

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