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Have you ever played Marbles as a child?

I started playing at age 11, and now have become an avid collector. I just want to see how many smart people out there have stimulated their childhood dexterity with marbles.


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    Feb 1 2013: I,m grown in war devasted country, playing marbles & running kites were of only means of entertainment for me. I was very good in playing marbles & was even making some money out of it. one of the tricks that me and my brother used to play was that we used carry only a few marbles in our pockets not all what we had. then if it was our day we used to win all marbles of our freinds however if it was a bad day we were only losing a few. when winter used to come we used to burry our marbles on roofs of our houses where as other kids were losing their marbles during snow.

    but I was not good in running kites , other boys used to cut my kite in the sky & i was losing money here but what was important , my cost of entertainment was not a burden on my late father.

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