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Electronic Cars and Hybrid Battery Cells (the Future)

Everyone knew that hybrid & Electronic cars are the new future but one thing we are missing is consistency between the car batteries, hybrid cells which will lead the usage limitations.

The point is make the consistency and charge possibilities on the go which is not in place now and which will be revolutionary change for electronic cars.

------ Scenario ----------
Let us say a car having battery size is N and he started driving, driving....
After 200 miles car ran-out of battery charge and still car need to travel/drive 200 miles more.... !!!!

-- How it works in Current world?
In the current world electronic car has very limited scope and car needs to take off the road change it for hours or need to find a car charging point? Which is a very very scope and hope

-- Future Scope
Let us say if we are using 2*2" battery in all cars which will make things easy to manufacture, replace and recharge which will be the future revolution.

If car companies maintain the consistency in hybrid battery cells size and where driver can take his car off, pick the battery from battery station (similar to gas station) by exchanging the old battery from his car. Drive it as simple as filling the car with gas.

- Battery station: a station where x number of batteries will be fast charged and parallel charged with high electricity (may be 20mins to N number of charge a battery)

  • Jan 31 2013: What do we want? What can we get? How can things change in the future. Isn't that all there is to it?
  • Jan 31 2013: would it be possible to refuel battery acid directly into the batteries in the car? just a thought in making things easier and environment friendly.
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      Jan 31 2013: This sounds interesting. Have battery caps with rods attached, so that worn-out rods are simply replaced and the battery re-charges.

      But battery technology is improving so much. Perhaps a better battery is on its way - or a universal battery box that can adapt itself to many types of batteries.

      I, for one, wish that golf carts were legal on all city streets with speed limits of 35 or less. So much travel is local, and the cart can be charged at home. But you have to keep legislators out of it so that they are not made so heavy and expensive (with safety bags, shoulder straps, doors and door locks, etc.) that they will no longer work as intended.
      • Feb 28 2013: But What If We change the car limitation... I mean actually by law of conservation of energy, We don't need any work in displacement if net force is zero, and as we accelerate to particular velocity and retard again in transportation, the net force is zero hence we don't do net work and we won't need the energy for transportation. I was working on transportation with manipulation of kinetic energy only, which will Increase efficiency of electric cars, as no system is 100% effective some energy is required from batteries indeed. You may say what about air resistance, we can use the resistance to do work like in airplane we use it for lift and this work create or tend to create a kinetic energy which can be manipulated again. I had designed a hypothetical system with some basic mathematical verification, that perhaps could manipulate kinetic energy without any reference to environment, i.e. it would work even in space and allow the car move in any direction, But I need some collaboration stuffs with that since I am the only one solving my equation to question How we can create better future transportation and there are no trustworthy people in my place. As topic is not about that, I had just wanted to reply that not only batteries but also cars are developing.