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Is a 4 year college always the right way to go?

This decade has seen a wider percentage of people who did not attend college become more succesful than ones who did and now live a debt free life . I want strong opinions.


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  • Feb 1 2013: I think we're at an interesting time where a four year college degree is starting to shift away from the past implications. As information and material becomes more readily available, I think that learning is shifting from a traditional closed four wall box, and unleashing itself into the wild. Take Coursera as an example. Now, people with internet access can enroll in classes taught my some of the best professors from the best schools in the nation. I think that it really depends on your life goals and where you want to end up. People shouldn't take the four year track if they are not fully committed to succeeding. The degree no longer means instant employment, and finding any job in this market is scary. Sure, college will give you a leg up, but the most important thing is to find something you're passionate about and pursue it.

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