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Is Powell a war criminal?

If the answer is "Yes" then answer this next question:

"What about our current president?"

Blogs on the internet accuse the president, of similar act as Powell:

"Obama remains a continuation of Bush. As he announced that “a decade of war is now ending,” his drone war killed three more “suspected militants” in Yemen—another statement that the U.S. has the right to target anyone, anywhere suspected of wanting to attack U.S. nationals or the forces of governments that work with the U.S. are fair targets for annihilation at the president’s discretion."


Obama continues to threaten Iran. He continues to encourage the false perception encouraged by the media that Iran has a nuclear weapons program threatening Israel and the world. Following the joint U.S.-NATO operation to topple Qadafy in Libya (producing an even worse regime), he mulls over intervening in Syria, and already orders his air force to deliver French troops to the battlefields of yet another war-of-choice, this time in Mali."

President Obama was elected by popular support and with the endorsement of Gen. Powell.

My thanks to TED for posting this debate.


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    Feb 1 2013: Indeed "thanks to TED for posting this debate", as you say. The man you are suggesting, however subtly, is a war criminal is currently a featured speaker on TED Talks as you show in your list of links. What a vivid example of freedom of speech in action. I too thank TED administrators for not silencing your post even though I find it misguided and not helpful.
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      Feb 1 2013: It was my belief that starting a discussing about this issue here might allow Gen Powell's talk to be considered for its own merits.
      In addition, the underlying issue is that President Obama, our current Commander-in-Chief, is viewed by some with the same derision. Why run from the issue? Let's explore it head on. It appears to be a minority view, abeit a very vocal one.
      • Feb 2 2013: What exactly is you concern that Powell be "considered for its own merits?" Do you feel a need to defend the honor of this killer? What is it exactly that so enamors you to his ideology and so demands your loyalty? Powell is a failed politician who is attempting to rebuild his tarnished legacy. He does not want to be known as the guy that lied to create the Iraq war, but he has done little else.

        The problem is that he is exactly what it says on the tin: a career military man who sold his soul to the devil and was the point-man to a whopper of a lie. The fact that he may be able to parrot some more noble cause or idea is irrelevant to his crimes and is, in the final analysis, insufficient to rebrand him.

        Old generals don't die, they just fade away....and in Powell's case...in disgrace and shame.
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          Feb 2 2013: Re: " Powell be "considered for its own merits?"
          I wrote "Powell's talk", meaning, the message of his talk.
          A great deal of what you are asking is bases on your own interpretations of events and is therefore rhetorical in its nature, and that's fine. But as I pointed out, it represent the minority view.
      • Feb 4 2013: The "interpretation of events" is rather simple. What Powell said is a matter of public record and is freely available. What he said was wrong. This is also a matter of public record. Powell now admits that much of what he presented was sketchy, overstated or unreliable and that he knew this at the time. This is also freely available.

        I fail to understand why you consider this to be controversial. You can find Powell saying these things in his own words. You do not need another source other than him. He convicts himself.
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          Feb 4 2013: There are many ways to understand history. We cannot pretend to know the "truth" of the matter you're referring to. We only share a perception of the truth. I cannot say what I would have done in that situation, I do not have all the details. Do you?

          Answer the larger question here. ""What about our current president?"

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