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What's your outlook for Egypt after the revolution?

Is the Egyptian revolution will make Egypt forward or is it down in the presence of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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    Jan 31 2013: Something I think about often..so much of what was the American paid for military is still in charge and still frustrating and interfering with true democracy..government "of the people"..and if that is secured..still not seeing what economically will change what brought everyone out to Tahir square to revolt.jobs and the costs of basic goods like food.

    How do you see Egypt solving its economic problems.? Where are the opportunities?

    And can the muslim majority accept israel's presence in the region?

    A lot of problems to overcome..and America is still working out its own after more thna 200 years. ..we have a corporatocracy not a democracy and we have 47% of our people at or below the poverty level. But we do have a rich natural resources base and we can compete globally in producing any product.

    What would you say Egyptians want first?
    • Feb 4 2013: We do not want military intervention nor American politician in Egypt's affairs because the objectives are clear in supporting Israel at different their positions even if they were unjust or wrongedIsrael is one of the most racist country in the world because they rely on Zionism and dissemination of ideas, which have mostly they top affair and values ​​of others and should rule the world E war machine in the event of a refusal to undergo in Alaguetsadesoa warsWe as religious peoples Anaterv also the existence of Israel in the Talmud there is not a homeland for the Jews and most extremist rabbis others reject the existence of the Jewish state of carrying Religion even though Arabs have agreed to

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