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Could we orbit a telescopic satellite 1 light hour above the earth, and use it to zoom in on crimes, after the fact?

Just an odd thought... I assume it would be too far to get a clear image... but we are getting much better at that sort of thing...

Could we see if someone was really defending themselves in an infrared shot? A getaway vehicle? Or, is that too far to have any predictable orbit or make out something so small?


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    Jan 31 2013: couldn't you achieve your desired outcome by simply having solar powered self contained cameras that record a continuous loop. (like a solar powered go-pro). Then when a crime is reported the authorities just download the loops from cameras in the area. I hope I haven't just given the government a scary idea.
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      Feb 1 2013: Yeah... Just thought the big one time cost might still be cheaper than going the London route, and less invasive.
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        Feb 1 2013: Soon we'll all have our own personal surveillance drones that fly around us 24/7 just in case something happens. Sort of like automated twitter really.

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