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Could we orbit a telescopic satellite 1 light hour above the earth, and use it to zoom in on crimes, after the fact?

Just an odd thought... I assume it would be too far to get a clear image... but we are getting much better at that sort of thing...

Could we see if someone was really defending themselves in an infrared shot? A getaway vehicle? Or, is that too far to have any predictable orbit or make out something so small?


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    Jan 31 2013: So, David, what is the charter of Foolish Marketing Solutions? Is this post an experiment?
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      Jan 31 2013: Naw, just goofing off... Knew something was impossible about this idea, and assumed I wouldn't find the direct answer on twitter/facebook etc. figured i'd let some bright people tear into me. Foolish Marketing Solutions, is just a little pet project... Offline viral marketing for small businesses I believe in.

      Basically, I decided to try promoting local businesses, the way you would a concert, fight, politician, or non profit in LA... Venice Beach, concerts, and Public Events. I have an electric motorcycle shop, and small electric skateboard company I work with, but it's barely in infancy. I think I listed myself founder and CEO to remind me to kick my ass.

      The truth is the business model I've designed is viral, so even if my company hits it big I don't own anything. It's like a pyramid scheme, without the pyramid. Promotions are codes, or coupons, which provide physical evidence of a product sold. Each salesman has his own code, and gets paid directly by the vendor. The benefit I get for recruiting and training, is a ground team that can get me more, and bigger clients, and the satisfaction of teaching someone how to support themselves... I work off the same commission as everyone else only when someone uses my sales code.

      Unfortunately people who want to buy motorcycles, don't want electric ones... People who want electric vehicles, don't want motorcycles... and the skateboard is a really awesome toy/vehicle... that kids have to buy for themselves with a job a 16, cus parents aren't that crazy : p

      Suffice to say, I'm not really in position to teach someone else to support themselves yet... but it's a fun side project, that will hopefully be my full time income some day. Has nothing to do with ted though, and i considered doing things on the internet like everyone else, but I like being outside... I like concerts and events. If I can keep it analog I'm going to.
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        Jan 31 2013: Thanks for the bio. I'll bet Wozniak and Jobs voiced lamentations in the infancy of assembling their hairbrained idea. Keep it real dude!

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