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Is the gridlock problem in government a problem with the system or greed and flawed human behavior? Is there an answer?

Nobody can agree on anything in Congress and the divide between the Right and Left is only growing larger. Everyone always preaches bipartisan ideas, but no one ever follows through. Fill-a-busters are a huge problem and if someone has a good idea it can take years to implement. There has to be a solution to these problems, but is it in selecting the right people for the job or changing the system. I heard a comment on the radio the other day about making government positions part-time jobs, so it went back to being a public service like it was intended. This means it would filter out the people who became politicians just to get rich. Maybe it is time for a change.


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    Feb 3 2013: Gridlock is a result of flawed government. The USA was never designed to put so much power into the hands of a few. Government stole our powers and freedoms from us.

    Jefferson said that whenever a democracy is in danger, the answer is always to add more democracy. Right now, the two major parties are fighting over what WE will be required to do to assist THEM in helping those who help them stay in power and become more wealthy.

    I haven't been able to think through a solution that doesn't require government to restore assumed powers to the people to whom they rightfully belong. Then the arguing can stop.

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