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What inspires you about your favorite city?

In the next 30 years, two-thirds of our planet’s population will live in cities. Have you ever tried to envision the cities of the future? Cities are enlivened by people, and people enable change. So today, we are launched our redesigned website TheCity2.org, a gathering place for all urban denizens to share stories, videos, ideas and innovations related to urban transformation. We want to hear your city-related stories.


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    Jan 30 2013: I love accidentally running into people in New York City. I once told a friend that I found "Seinfeld" to be the most spot-on television depiction of living in NYC, and he was skeptical -- surely, I wasn't always running into exactly the person who would best advance the plotline?

    In fact, that's been my experience. Whether I run into them because they are destined to advance the plot, or that's the way the plot turns because of whom I ran into, the catalyzing quality of many people on a tiny island never fails to be entertaining.
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      Jan 31 2013: I have had the same experience here.:) All the beauty and all of the contradictions and literal and figurative collisions make NYC amazing.

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