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How do you deal with passive aggressive individuals?

We all have different personality types.
Some of us are passive, some are assertive, some aggressive, some are passive aggressive.

And at any given time, we may display one or more of these personality traits based on the situation at hand.

I am interested in experiences you might have had or are having with individuals who specifically display a passive aggressive personality.

How do you deal with them at work?
How do you handle them within the family circle?

If you yourself are a passive aggressive person, could you shed light into why you choose to act this way? And also, what kind of people are you the most comfortable around?

Any and all comments are welcomed. I am hoping to learn more about this type of personality so I can better communicate with these individuals.

Thank you.


Closing Statement from W T

Thank you to all who participated in this most wonderful conversation on passive aggressive personalities.

Hopefully all who participated walked away knowing a little bit more about themselves and others.

We cannot change others, but we can certainly change ourselves.

It is in this light, that I started this conversation. My goal was to understand why passive aggressive individuals acted the way they do, so that I can better understand how to treat them and get along with them........your answers shed alot of light into my dilemna.....I am still reading and learning.

Thank you!!!

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  • Feb 3 2013: To the date it is almost 3 years ago, that FB almost literally "saved my life" on this matter!

    A friend used the (to me unknown term) passive-aggressive in one of his posts - and revealed to me an outer galaxy of personalities I was dealing with all my life ---- and was stuck in a really unhealthy relationship at that time...wondering what was going on and what role I played in the "drama".

    To me after back then 3 days of intense research it boiled down to these insights:

    1) do not involve the "suspect" into your thoughts. U did not break it - u don't have to fix it!
    2) inhale before you react - stay level-headed ALL the time - do not use humour or sarcasm
    3) be ready to see drastic change of behaviour immediately - the ugly truth might just unfold within hours
    4) check yourself - what is your "part of the game"!

    Here are the links that helped me most understand what is going on and the manual with all your FAQs!
    These insights deeply changed my life - I realized I was completely blind and helpless and the perfect match for this kind of personalities....(now it looks all that easy! :))

    Basic understanding:

    In depth solutions and insights:

    There is a ton of stuff out there...
    ...I wish you all the best in your endeavour!
    • W T 100+

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      Feb 4 2013: How can I thank you......let me count the ways.

      Your first link, in my opinion, could very easily be titled...."The Passive Aggressive Bible"
      What a wealth of information, written to the point and clear....I will be printing it and attempting to find
      the same material in spanish......otherwise, I will translate it myself.

      Angie, thank you so very much for sharing your personal experience and the links.
      I will be looking into the second link later on tonight.
      Thanks again,

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