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Celebrity scientists

From Richard Dawkin to Brian Cox, from Sean Carroll to E. O. Willson, they have gave their talks here at TED, been on media, inspired and raised much of debates.

Who is your favorite scientist? Who haven't yet been on TED and should be invited to be on TED? and why? What is your opinion on 'Sci-celebrities'? Are they good model for kids, good educator, inspiring icon, or they are over-rated?


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  • Feb 14 2013: Brian Cox, he is amazing, I think is not so much about being good role models as it is about taking science to the public to create interest on different intellectual matters.

    I guess Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku and Robert Sapolsky (Specially him) would be my dream TED talks
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      Feb 15 2013: Brian Cox is very good at public engagement. He make science like a "friendly guy next door", isn't he? :)
      However, I don't know if you have seen his new documentary "Wonder of life"? It's enjoyable to watch; kind of biological world through eyes of physicist. But I think it could be better if there's a good biologist co-host this show. What do you think? :)

      Thanks for your list, by the way, I'll check them out (especially Sapolsky :)). I like Michio Kaku too!

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