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How can we think about the future without having a bad feeling?

i'm a student and i know that i have a future but it is so difficult to be good enough for what i want that it is impossivel to me look to my future without having a bad feeling...

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Closing Statement from Débora Correia

I still thinking that it´s to difficult to be good enough, but now i see that the most important it is not what we gonna do in our future but what we will feel and change with it. Somethings we can control, others no, so we have to take it easy because one day we will show how good we are.
Thanks to everybody that so friendly answers to me and hopes that everything get lighter in the future.

P.S: I want to be a doctor , yes, and here in Portugal it's very very difficult and i'm just in the highschool...

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    Jan 29 2013: Do just as your past generations did. Hope for the best, ask yourself what you can do to make the future better and have the courage to do it.

    The present of today was an unknown future yesterday but people who stopped asking questions, stopped following others, and took the lead in learning and doing something about it made the future great.
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      Jan 29 2013: Isn't doing just what past generations did what got us into this mess? Also, you seem to contradict yourself by saying, "do what past generations did" and then, "stop following others".
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        Jan 30 2013: I thought I may not have to explain. But .. I meant Do the good of past generations such as hope for the best etc...

        But do not blindly follow others by not knwoing what is right from wrong....hence learn and take action...

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