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States sell facility name rights

Washington is the latest state considering selling the naming rights of its publicly owned facilities to fight budget cuts.

Does it make a difference if we say John Doe Dept of public safety or the XYX department of public safety. Only the phone listing and the way we search changes. We would still find it under DPS.

I guess that there is two questions here:

1) If no reduction in the size of government is made does it make a difference

2) Are you OK with naming your state buildings after donors.

Don't we do this at universities for the big bucks ... John Doe stadium ... Jane Doe library ... Little Doe Dorm ... etc ... some are state owned universities.

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    Jan 29 2013: It has always been done as an honor to someone's memory (Kennedy Space Center, the Edsel automobile, Baby Ruth candy bars, etc.) and that seems OK. But to do it for the highest bidder? We could end up with Trumpland in place of the USA, or Goreville in place of Detroit. Stop the madness!
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    Jan 29 2013: You are correct that public and private universities have long named buildings after donors. Public university buildings are public buildings.
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    Jan 29 2013: how pathetic is that? tell you what. why not organize orange throwing days. politicians would put their heads through a hole in a wall, and the audience could throw oranges at them for money.
  • Jan 29 2013: We can get money this way? Sounds good to me.