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Science and Religion

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    Feb 9 2013: The fact we place the words 'science' and 'religion' in the same debate makes me really worry about the progression of objectivity as far as communities, consensus and consistency goes (in this country and Westerners alike).

    The entire debate began with evolution being not recognized as reliable ideological structuring for understanding nature by theologian influences. Yet, it has progress to a point where disorganized religious movements have become the anti-theistic response to those who deny whatever 'science' has to say. Perhaps those who hold to their faith of creation need to figure out why so many cannot accept such a simple answer as being the only answer.

    Evolution is fact and theory - bottom line. If you believe 'God' (whatever image you may possess of God) created us, fine, but God would have crafted evolution into the inner workings as well.

    Evolution does not deny anyone of their faith, but, it should tell some that their scriptures and sacred books - are only that; old stories to inspire thoughts and philosophy. Jesus, Mohammad = philosophers of God.

    Grow up America, while we debate the difference between what is apparently science or religion, people are dying along with our planet. Making members from both sides of the debate more equal than not - by means of careless belief formation.

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