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Science and Religion

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  • Feb 4 2013: It is a pity that I have not been able to find the original talk, and what it said..

    To me, both science and religion are from the same source, the Lord God Jesus Christ. Both are part of us as human beings. We are spirits in a body. Religion relates to the spirit and science relates to the body.

    Somehow it seems that the spirit can have an influence on the body. Whether it is a New Years resolution or a prison term, at some point we can decide to change our life for the better. I doubt science can have a similar influence on the mind. For one thing it does not believe spirit exists or is real.
    Personally I believe our soul is already working building a body in the womb and later repairing most damages and infections.
    But it is utterly amazing what we now 'know' on both levels.

    BTW on the left of this 'window' is the "RECENT COMMENTERS" window. My spirit encourages me to select the commenter I usually support and find interesting. But science make it impossible as it seems dead. Anyone have any suggestions?

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