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Science and Religion

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    Feb 1 2013: Is there an existential limit to our self-understanding through science? In other words, can a given intelligence ever truly understand itself, and be certain of that understanding? I don't think it can.

    Science can empirically tell us what we are, but not who we are. 'Who we are' lies in the metaphysical, colourful region between the black and white certainties that science restricts itself to.

    Along with art, poetry, spirituality etc - religion occupies that same metaphysical space, and therefore could be regarded as a vital imperative within the structure of the human mind. Like it or not, and for all its faults, religion as a realization of spiritual existence, is here to stay. And as long as we don't descend into some cybernetic automaton nightmare that science would prefer to get to grips with, then there will always be a 'who' as well as a 'what'.

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