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Science and Religion

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    Feb 1 2013: G’day Zman

    I don’t believe knowledge has to be of logic, this is a fallacy we are lead to believe because of our limited conscious understanding, just because we don’t understand it doesn’t make it illogical. Take a look at God/creative source, to some people it makes logical sense but to others it doesn’t because they don’t have the same conscious understanding, it’s our conscious understanding that makes something logical not knowledge, knowledge confirms the existence of the logic through the mind which allows us to logically accept mindfully that’s all.

    Knowledge is only what we think we know within our conscious understanding; it’s this awareness that gives us logic I believe conscious awareness & we can only see logic as far as our conscious awareness no more & to be aware one must be mindful of this. What I am saying here is everything that you are consciously aware of is logic which is deductively analysed to make sense to us.

    I can see where you are coming from Zman, you meditate & get a feeling of oneness & this is where your awareness comes from not from the brain but if you didn’t have a brain would you physically be aware of this? Of course not, both the brain & the spirit are of awareness but the brain needs to be taught this where the spirit doesn’t. If one doesn’t teach the brain to be aware of such consciousness it will never know of oneness even when it feels it. Because we haven’t trained the brain to accept illogical deductions it won’t matter how deep you go into meditation to find this oneness however once you start to accept illogical deductions you will see to the point of your awareness. I know spiritually aware people don’t think they think logically but they do because logic is defined by our conscious awareness not by our beliefs.


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