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Science and Religion

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  • Jan 30 2013: Science and religion are two sides of the same coin.
    In fact, separating religion from science is simply the exercise of separating cause from effect.
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      Feb 1 2013: Same coin being the persons action of thinking of life death and existence, and opposite side being the exact opposite approach to answering the question.

      Sciences uses deduction and cause and effect

      Religion using spirituality and feelings.
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        Feb 1 2013: G’day Zman

        Spirituality also uses deductive reasoning just in a different way. What happens when you’re deep into mediation? You’re not supposed to be thinking but scientific research has proven that different parts of the brain fire up under mediation but the brain is still being used so really it’s a fallacy to say one doesn’t think as it’s a fundamental natural part of the human process for any knowing to enter the brain.

        Think of it this way Zman, how would you know how you felt during & after the meditation if you weren’t using the brain, you wouldn’t remember but we do so how do we remember if we are not thinking? Thought is a transmitter that allows our brain to acknowledge what we have experienced otherwise we just wouldn’t acknowledge the experience. To acknowledge anything we use deductive reason, yes I know a lot of spiritually aware people wouldn’t agree with this because they want to believe it’s something divine or mystical but I don’t think it is.

        What is feeling? It’s an emotion that we have deductively formulated within the brain however in saying this emotions aren’t just of the physical I believe however research has concluded we do use our brain no matter what we do. I’m not saying here that the brain is the be & end all either as I believe all knowing comes from a greater data bank than just the brain as the brain would be useless without knowledge to program it to think in certain ways in the first place but we are physical beings with a brain which needs to decipher knowledge to understand it otherwise we just wouldn’t acknowledge the knowledge in the first place.

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          Feb 1 2013: True your brain deduces things however meditation in your mind is not bound to logic therefore it cannot be considered knowledge, and anything learned in you mind cannot be said to be true unless proven outside of your mind.

          Similarly the feeling you get could be the result of you meditating which is you just thinking and realizing and feeling balanced. This doesn't prove that it is religious it just shown that you are at one with your self and your environment.

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