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Science and Religion

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  • Dec 30 2012: When I want to learn about the world I live in I look at the world (science) not a book. Doesn't it make sense to look at the world and learn about it than look at at a book written by people 2000 years ago? They were just trying to explain the world they lived in, in a way they were philosophers. At the time I'm sure that all the things in it were potentially possible but as time went on people continued to learn about the world and flaws have been found in the book. I can see why people 2000 years ago believed in the bible, it was a simple way to describe the world that most people understood. Up in the sky there is a very powerful man, kind of like a king who controls everything... the end
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      Jan 29 2013: Jack,

      Any formula in science in which you don't know the meaning of the symbols used in the formula is essentially useless until you know its meaning. The book you reject has the same limitations. I don't fault you for rejecting the book because religion doesn't explain why it says what it says. But that doesn't mean that the book is no good any more than a formula of science in which you don't know its meaning is no good.

      My first wife was the victim of abuse. We used to play cards and she would tell me what card I should play. After a while, I got the feeling that the cards were marked. So I bought a new deck of cards, shuffled them under the table, looked at the first card and asked her to name it. After correctly naming 14 out of 16 cards in this manner, I realized that she was somehow seeing the cards, but not through her eyes. When I questioned her on this, she told me of a spiritual world that she had entered that gave her these abilities. Although I love science (I was trained in the nuclear power field of the U.S. navy), I was at a loss to what she was saying.

      I studied religion and realized that there is a lot more to it than what any modern church teaches. I was finding the meaning of the symbols used in "the book". 2000 years ago, abuse was at its worse. What people understood then about spiritual issues is no longer understood now except for all but a few. I wrote my findings in a book called "The Merging of Two Worlds". In my studies, I realized that the right hemisphere of the brain sees things entirely different than the left hemisphere, and that we are a left-brain oriented culture. Religion came from a right-brain oriented culture. They saw a world that we no longer see.

      Science is now telling us that < 5% of the universe is visible. Although I marvel at science, it too has its limitations. As we venture deeper and deeper into the unknown, we may need to rekindle what is hidden in religion.
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      Jan 29 2013: Well in fact in the sky there are many men and women who could control everything and their science would be seen as magic to us still today.

      And the bible, the bible is not 2000 years old, the versions we have today are completely different than the original Sumerian tablets. Many parts are missing and other parts have been added or changed from the original texts.

      2000 years ago the greeks were translating versions of the old testament from hebrews old translations. During the 8th century, germany translated the greek texts and adapted the texts according to what was expected from the clergy. The bible hasn't stop to change during history, each scribes that has worked on translating it from an old version to a new one added things and removed other stuff.

      But in mostly every culture, their sacred books contain a genesis that is very quite similar, men coming from the sky, created men in their image.

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