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Draft an Activist's Handbook/wiki for Social Movements

There are many movements that have succeeded. Their history is fairly well documented. I do not understand why each new social movement has to re-invent the wheel. The same goes for the person who changes from observer to activist. Google any of the following nine search terms and you will find ample documentary evidence
1. Critique of social movements sociology
2. Hand book for social movement activists
3. Social movements that succeeded
4. Social movements timeline
5. Who is interested in social change
6. Google Books Research Topic: Social Movement Theory
7. Social movement theory and research an annotated bibliography guide
8. Is there an idea exchange for social movements
9. "Granting agencies" for social change

Most, if not almost all of the relevant guidelines, strategies, tips, and tactics are there to be organized and condensed. I think that someone should get busy on this. So we end up with an activists handbook/wiki. This would:
Permit activists to avoid well known pitfalls,
Enable social change to accelerate,
Provide a plan to recruit the uncommitted,
Shorten the period that movement activists requires to learn their craft
Reinvigorate/re-invent current movements (such as Occupy) that have hit the doldrums

The Climate Crisis and other ills that are facing our species are not allowing us much time to get started


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  • Jan 29 2013: Sounds a little bit over-organized to me.
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      Jan 29 2013: Not really. If you want to become a chef, you would get Julia Child's book. As a matter of fact any craft that you are interested in mastering requires knowing what has been done so it can be transcended. In any case, we can always start with an "Activism for Dummies" book

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