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Family Corp

Our country needs a grass roots/government volunteer organization similar to the Peace Corp but instead focusing on our OWN families....the Family Corp. This could give college graduates (and some high school) valuable work and life experience and at the same time helping families. It is difficult to give the structure that Colin Powell states that we need if you are a single parent, parents with a disabled, mentally ill, or sick child,...or a family with an elderly parent. Or a family with just a temporary situation such as an illness, recovering from an operation, loss of job, or having one parent in the military service. There are so many young capable people out there who have the energy and drive to give families more structure and make them more functional. Those extended families, although helpful in the past, are few and far between these days. Of course there needs to be training for these young adults and they could put to work any area of expertise. This would be for ALL economic levels, not just the indigent. What is a good name? Family Corp? Family Care? Who has the need for this? How many women out there are caring for kids, parents, friends, siblings, neighbors, pets, and working full time? We need more support to have structure.


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  • Feb 13 2013: Barb you do make a valid point here as there are some outside limitations that could possibly factor into the success of what Colin Powell addresses. The growing epidemic of children having no particular role model to mold themselves after has been a growing problem over the last twenty some odd years. You are right that may of us tend to forget that not every family is a perfect portrait as disabled, mentally ill, and sick children possess a bit more responsibility than others. One idea that did come to mind was the incorporation of a program that focuses on mentoring children who are missing their gender specific parent. For instance, many young boys today are lacking a father figure in their life to teach them discipline and respect of woman. Many of us are missing that sternness that encompasses these elements that deprive us of a admirable father figure in our lives. We need to incorporate some sort of program to provide weekly meetings with these young children who are missing their gender specific parent. I feel this could potentially provide benefits and cut down on the growing jail rate and high school drop out rate sweeping America.
    • Feb 14 2013: Darwyn, the mentoring of fatherless boys could be a need that could be filled by such the program I refer to and as Colleen pointed out, maybe there are some existing mentoring programs. However, not to say that these programs are not needed for disadvantaged youth, they are also needed for all classes of society. All economic classes of society suffer from divorce and child abandonment. It is so hard for the single parents to do it all - they just can't and the kids can suffer. Again, have a volunteer organization that helps and gives support to the caregivers of the world, inturn helps out the children of those caregivers and in turn all of society. Kids will get structure, but better yet "loving structure" because the caregivers are not so stressed.

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