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How much do you know about First Nations Treaties and the Crown?

Generally speaking, First Nations treaties with the Crown of Canada seem like something mythical and in the distant past. They are however, very current and in the here and now however. That vague sense of obscurity has been and still is cultivated by a lack of intention by government and a misrepresentation of the facts through education. Some improvement has been achieved in the education system, but more needs to be done and that does not address several generations of lack of and or distorted information instilled in the general Canadian public.
So, rather than discussing whether these treaties are relevant or not, I would like to begin the discussion with the question... what do you, know about the treaties between First Nations and the Crown of Canada? We are all treaty people and we all have some responsibility to be informed.


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  • Feb 5 2013: as someone who has had the honour of studying our Treaties at the feet of many Elders and Constitutional Experts i can say theres not much about Treaty that i dont know. they are nation to nation agreements that cant be broken, just like the treaty of Ghent or the Louisiana purchase, they are 100% binding, and our Mi'kmaq Treaty protocols come from a Prophecy, they are entrenched in the Charter of Rights and the Canadian Constitution, where it says that no legislation can trump Treaty. You cant talk about Mi'kmaq Treaties without talking about Title, as we Mi'kmaq still hold title to this land we live on, that means we are the owners, and now that we are educated in International Human Rights and Constitutional Law >we will take back what is ours, and the best thing is i think the canadian citizens are convinced that we alone can manage the Resources of this Country without turning it into a wasteland...
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      Feb 5 2013: Thank you Santo, I really appreciate this post. I hope that it will help inform the larger public.
    • Feb 18 2013: I don't believe any 1 entity can spare the wasteland that is happening we all have to gather and do it together. We also need to mature as a society without the use of force. Finally I think its high time we dispense of the have's and have nots. I don't know of any 1 country that hasn't been destroyed by the economy and we need to invent a new political economic structure that works and I think society is fresh out of ideas. We need a new age Einstein that quits repeating history. The wealth has exchanged hands over many many hundreds of thousands of years, but with each turn people get as leaders they make the same path, we need to forge something new. Traditions and treaties must be honored and protected but when it comes to world economy and environment something new must take place, we go from police state to military rule same structures different uniforms and people. I don't know who can come up with new ideas but what is clear what ever we do the use of force isn't the answer anymore. Jasper National Park has done some amazing things with the local natives preserving the environment, but look at the use of force by the United States who built the Ice Walk along the Columbian Icefields. No one in Jasper wanted that multi million dollar project built. But then again everyone protested the inception of the Canal in Ottawa as well.. The world is one big mess and I don't see anyone doing anything without excluding and or neglecting their neighbors. Little faith in one tradition fixing our future, it needs to come from all of us.
    • Feb 18 2013: Having said that much the Mi'kmaq are a beautiful entity yet they have not had to battle the many cultures that the Canadian West Coast has had to survive. Many Native Nations on the West coast argue with one another over funding and politics where each Nation holds contrasting traditions and funding. The Mi'kmaq have had a better foundation to rise above it all as it were in our most recent history and in the least it would be my hope that the Mi'kmaq can help the west coast find a common ground by which -all- Native Nations can co exist and get along with one another. It would seem economically the Haida Gwaii have been the forerunner in recognition and tradition we need to include everyone.

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