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How much do you know about First Nations Treaties and the Crown?

Generally speaking, First Nations treaties with the Crown of Canada seem like something mythical and in the distant past. They are however, very current and in the here and now however. That vague sense of obscurity has been and still is cultivated by a lack of intention by government and a misrepresentation of the facts through education. Some improvement has been achieved in the education system, but more needs to be done and that does not address several generations of lack of and or distorted information instilled in the general Canadian public.
So, rather than discussing whether these treaties are relevant or not, I would like to begin the discussion with the question... what do you, know about the treaties between First Nations and the Crown of Canada? We are all treaty people and we all have some responsibility to be informed.


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  • Feb 4 2013: Adam Beech applied for Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp was picked totally sucks got to wonder if they can't cast aboriginal celebs if the Disney story alters historical facts
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      Feb 4 2013: Yes, the American movie industry is slow to change. I think Johnny has some Native American ancestry... not certain. Adam would have been awesome though! They are really holding on to their fantasy past.

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