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A new learning system

(forgive my poor English)
I'm a developer and designer and I'm working on a new system for education.
I'm just focusing on one field now : Computer engineering and IT , but I bet the others can use this idea and expand it to other majors.

In this system, instead of having all the Must-have courses and end of term exams, you can simply choose what you want to learn and get certified on that specific subject by doing a project on that field and publish it on public.
for example, you choose to to learn IOS development, and at the the end, you will assigned to build a specific app. if you're good, you will be certified. classes can be real,online,virtual, or no class at all (by giving the student just books and educating materials) .
each student have to pass a number of courses before he can be graduated. but he can choose all the thing he want to learn not all sort of useless courses.
because specially in this field, there are so many things to learn but there is no need that all of students know them all. for example in a developing group, one is for image processing and one is for designing the UI and.,..
and why doing projects instead of exams? because published projects are actual works and counts as experience but exams are meaningless 90% of the times and contains useless stuff.
I know something like that maybe is already done, but at least not at my area and country. let me know about that.

What do you think of this idea? Can it actually work?
Do you have any suggestion for it?
If yes I'm gonna need some help and opinions to complete this.
If no, let me know why

Wish you best

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    Jan 30 2013: I like this idea and I think it can work if implemented correctly. I have grown up with education, both of my parents are in the field, and I think there is a lot of waste with "useless classes". This is a good way to solve it and a great way to get kids excited about learning. There is a fear of failure in the system now that restricts innovation and I think turning exams into projects is a good way to solve that. I would add don't get too tied up with perfection though. Let them flow ideas and reward new ways of solving problems. Do not be afraid to let them go wild and come up with new strategies. That is how learning should be done. I would recommend watching "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. It is filled with great ideas and ways of thinking along these lines.
  • Jan 30 2013: This sounds a lot like the old guild system, in which apprentices learned from masters by actually doing the work.
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      Jan 30 2013: Great! but I didn't understand " guild system", can you give me an example? tnx
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        Jan 30 2013: It is like in blacksmithing where a master blacksmith trains and works with an apprentice underneath him. Then when the original master feels the apprentice has fulfilled his training he promotes him to a master level and that is how the trade is passed on.
  • Jan 29 2013: computer experts have always tended to be sort of out there anyway.