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Do We Need to Rethink Wisdom Education?

The self comes into being physically and emotionally over nine long months in the womb. A neural network through tuning of the brain takes shape via physically experiencing life in the womb environment.

Our inner most self is formed and is understood in physical emotions, it is understood by the right brain that feels in pure emotions without any expression in words. The left brain develops along side but remains kind of incapable of figuring out its self as the left brain works in words and it does not understand life in words at this early stage.

It is clear that our inner most being is purely emotional. Our self image is created on emotional experiences in the womb and the initial physical experiences of life during the first few years of life. Experiencing life through words comes gradually much later as language is slowly learned and understood by the left brain. By the time the self is understood in words the emotional self expressed in physical biochemical reactions is already well set.

The self image is set up through pure wordless emotions and if the self image is defective and needs to be changed, its emotional intelligence has to be changed. This can only happen by improving the physical quality of the brain through wordless emotional healing. As emotional intelligence at the super mature stage is wisdom; wisdom too is determined by the physical quality of the right brain.

Wisdom education is a failure because we ignore that wisdom is a pure emotion that stems innately from the physical brain and thus to create wisdom; the wisdom generating property of the brain has to be improved. We go nowhere because we continue to teach wisdom through words while ignoring the physical condition of the emotional brain. It is like fresh knowledge in words is put into the brain in a foreign language that the brain does not understand and so it has little effect on improving the brain’s knowledge. The only knowledge the right brain understands is in pure emotions!


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    Feb 3 2013: It's not clear to me that our innermost selves are purely emotional. It is clear to me that emotions are nothing more than warning signals that there is an error in our belief structures. When we are completely rational, emotions no longer control us in the name of guiding us. Ego fades away. Life blooms.
    • Feb 3 2013: It is the emotional upbringing that creates the physical brain structure that determines the quality of the emotional intelligence output. The warning signals themselves are symptoms of the emotionally challenged brain. "When we are completely rational, emotions no longer control us. Ego fades away. Life blooms" is your perfect observation. But the question is how do we make individuals, groups, country and corporations completely rational?

      Not by our current way of teaching wisdom/emotional-intelligence. Teaching wisdom through imparting knowledge, pleading, preaching, carrots and sticks is like trying to tell an emotionally challenged brain to become emotionally healthy. It is like telling brass to become gold. What we succeed in doing through words is brain washing. Wisdom education needs more than brain washing; it needs physical brain purifying.

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