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What impact do you imagine if positive recognition and appreciation were expressed in the ~home~ in a public way so others could see?

Positive recognition affirms us. In a family, where we come from - what impact do you imagine positive words of recognition and appreciation for: the efforts we make, things we do, or who we are, can have on a family, an individual, and/or a child?

IF you feel like taking this one step more ... assuming you have concluded that it would be a good impact, how do you imagine it would affect the future of that person?

Is positive recognition and appreciation a powerful thing to you?


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    Feb 3 2013: negative recognition,,,,
    positive recognition....

    they are both equally powerful.
    they both will positively determine what you create by enforcing either one.
    Parents, educators, friends and family, please think this through.
    Elizabeth is correct in keeping this solution alive. It is no longer a hypothetical solution, dual tests, the facts, and the results are in. now we have to find the patience to strictly and exclusively administer positive reinforcement, perhaps, return to multiple mothers for our children s health, and the future of our species.

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