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What impact do you imagine if positive recognition and appreciation were expressed in the ~home~ in a public way so others could see?

Positive recognition affirms us. In a family, where we come from - what impact do you imagine positive words of recognition and appreciation for: the efforts we make, things we do, or who we are, can have on a family, an individual, and/or a child?

IF you feel like taking this one step more ... assuming you have concluded that it would be a good impact, how do you imagine it would affect the future of that person?

Is positive recognition and appreciation a powerful thing to you?


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    Feb 3 2013: When those zero to nine testers came around to my children's school they us if we objected to the testing we had to sign this paper, and then they requested our presence the day of the test to object, Not to object, I think they thought they could change my mind. When the test administrators arrived I went to meet with them. My wife and I were the only ones objecting. I asked some general questions about the authors of the test and what its purpose was, and what accomplishments they hoped to provide for my children, (this was a well respected private school) after they informed me that their only intention was to help all the children excel, they wanted to do this by testing, determining where each child might be behind the rest of the class so they could work on the weak spots, bringing all students up to the average. Nice thought, I told them. Then I asked them to kindly stay the heck away from my children because i had informed them they were special individual;s, with a path and purpose in this life. I taught them to believe they had a calling of some sort, and it was up to us to know their strengths and gifts, because this is where my children were going to focus. not an area that they naturally were not predominately inclined. I told the school from now on I want you to focus on any divine gift, strength, and natural ability my children may exhibit and this is the area to focus on. Follow the child you un=educated educators. Make stronger their strengths, I don't want them looking at their short comings trying to be as good as the other children, polish their strengths. Our Creator has provided these babies with specific gifts and insight that our future disparately needs. There are people in the future expecting to meet these children on their proper paths and they had better be strong. I forbid the brainwash of looking at our shortcomings And, this is the damn school doing this retarded backward testing to remind each child where they are less than

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