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What impact do you imagine if positive recognition and appreciation were expressed in the ~home~ in a public way so others could see?

Positive recognition affirms us. In a family, where we come from - what impact do you imagine positive words of recognition and appreciation for: the efforts we make, things we do, or who we are, can have on a family, an individual, and/or a child?

IF you feel like taking this one step more ... assuming you have concluded that it would be a good impact, how do you imagine it would affect the future of that person?

Is positive recognition and appreciation a powerful thing to you?


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    Feb 3 2013: It would create a world recognized by none in this world. If your proposal existed it would also mean that our world would no longer know, judge, and remind one another in every circumstance of the past mistakes made. Today, in our world, we have nurturing completely backwards, laws of physics teach ; for every action there will be a reaction, for every force there will also be present an opposing force, try as I might, I have never found an instance these laws did not apply. Yet, discipline through punishment and negative cognizance creates the backlash to the negative reinforcement that will surely not be a positive change, that goes against thed very laws of physics, no matter what the level of matter it exists. therefore, positive change will only result after positive reinforcement. I di not make this up, meta-physical and universal physicists have been telling us for ever, but we don't ave the patience, love, or respect for any other individuals, including our children, to give it a try. This nation still preaches the diabolic slogan of "Peace through War"...Give peace a chance. No one ever said it better than John Lennon, may that prophets soul rest in the peace he yearned for.
    This has been a wonderful idea to think of, but ion a society that controls through fear and intimidation, positive reinforcement would create a healthy population, and they would be much to difficult to control. We have to continue destroying the individuals through corporeal punishment , shaming, ridiculing or we lose this population of haters which keep everyone divided and judgmental. Why, if everyone was healthy and balanced we might see where this road ios leading us, and maybe then we would not even have use for an armed military, or government.

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