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What impact do you imagine if positive recognition and appreciation were expressed in the ~home~ in a public way so others could see?

Positive recognition affirms us. In a family, where we come from - what impact do you imagine positive words of recognition and appreciation for: the efforts we make, things we do, or who we are, can have on a family, an individual, and/or a child?

IF you feel like taking this one step more ... assuming you have concluded that it would be a good impact, how do you imagine it would affect the future of that person?

Is positive recognition and appreciation a powerful thing to you?


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      Feb 1 2013: Thank YOU Carolyn for your kind words. I often read your insightful comments as well, and we continually have the opportunity to learn from each other....to grow with each other in our global society.

      I am sorry that you had a challenging experience as a young person. I had a violent abusive father, and I learned from him how NOT to treat people. So in addition to empowerment, which I received from my mother and 7 siblings, I also got a taste of disempowerment from my father.

      Remember....we may not have had a choice as children. However, as thinking, feeling, adults we DO have choices regarding how we use the information we received as children. What we experienced may not have been empowering, and with awareness, which you seem to have a great deal of, we CAN change.

      I don't perceive you to have a "flawed" view of life. It feels like you have a realistic view of life based on your experience. With your awareness and insight, it may be possible to create a "new" view? What was part of our life as children will always be part of our life experience....AND....we can use that information to create a new perception.

      For what it's worth, I perceive you to be already past any "meaness". If you had any meaness, you wouldn't be allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your honesty. I respect and admire that very much:>)
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      Feb 1 2013: Carolyn, you have the voice of so many people. You cry with the words that remain silent in the bosom of so many, who remain quiet because they fear the vulnerability or do not know the words to use. Thank you for sharing.

      You said something that stirs me greatly, "how are [those who feel inspired by the goodwill of their spirit?] able to lure [others] into change,when the evidence for this kindness being advantageous is not apparent within any major system...or is it? " Your question is what haunts me. And, I hope that I can spend my life carefully,wisely, and with sincere intent, trying to find a way to help answer that question.

      You Carolyn, are re-writing your story as you work through your past. No longer should it be said that you were this, or that ... You are now. A woman of strength and courage. A woman of hope and vision. Your experiences helped to created a rich tapestry of life, there are shades of black, grey, and red, but now you are adding yellows, blues, golds, and greens too.

      I wish you the best Carolyn, and may you find wealth as you continue along your amazing path. :-)
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        Feb 2 2013: Nice, warm, tender, friendly, wise, useful. You know what you're speaking about and your words are the ones from a good friend. Congratulations. Everybody would like to have a friend able to gift such advices. I feel obliged to say it so.

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