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They are also worth sharing: Jargons, technical terms, idioms, memes

While most of TED speakers make their talks as simple as possible, sometimes it's impossible to avoid jargons or use some metaphors to explain the stories. I know that it may be not so hard to figure it out with help from search engine on the internet, but to have little explanation in the pannel, for example, would be very helpful and handy.

This is not only good for the viewers to learn some facts and get the most out of the talks, but I believe it's good for the translators as well.

I suggest that this can be provided by the speakers. May be viewers can helps by asking question in comment section. The most asked terms may be put in the "Jargons/terms/keywords" section or whatever we want to call it. I think there should be this "special special" section or it should be included as part of description beside the video, so the translators and translate them into different languages too.

Anybody want to suggest anything or have any idea? :)