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Can we develop a new architectural model for art and design universities that will reflect new ways of thinking about learning and education

I am involved in the modeling and construction of a new campus for Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. I want to build something that is transparently connected to the social and virtual spaces we now inhabit. I want the campus to represent the best practices in new methods of learning in art and design. This will be an iterative process and I am hoping the TED community will be interested in sharing and suggesting ideas. Can buildings move beyond the conventions of space that we are accustomed to? Can a campus be built that is to learning what Twitter is to conversation? Is this type of metaphor valid and useful? We need discourses that really differentiate between the conventions of learning we have inherited and the news ones we are building.


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    Jan 28 2013: Actually, I really like the connection between TED conversations and teaching and learning. Can a campus from an architectural point of view both represent and be an instrument for the visualization of ideas and conversations?
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      Feb 2 2013: In fact, now I'm visualizing structures that are all glass, or transparent plastic, not only the walls, but the ceilings, maybe even the floors. But perhaps the heating and cooling costs would be prohibitive?

      Course if the university was two-story, people on the first floor could look up the dresses of women on the second. Sticky wicket.

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