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Who’s been in a flood?

I’m in Queensland Australia & again we are flooded in already with the worse yet to come but we are far better off than some. The thing is with panic buying, some people buy up what they can but end up throwing a lot of it away that someone else who did without could have used, very annoying & unethical to say the least.


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      Feb 1 2013: It must be really hard to let go of the past. Your home, belongings, neighbors....Relocating after such disasters is not an easy thing.

      But, relocation is probably the best solution, I can't imagine the gov't rebuilding a city over and over again when there are other alternatives.

      What a dilemna!!!
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      Feb 1 2013: G'day Kate

      This is a very good point in continuously building in flood areas, I look around Maryborough & Hervey Bat & I can see where the councils have allowed estates to be built in areas that are swampy &/or flood prone, is it the same in Bundy Kate? I don’t know how they get away with it but they do.

      Maryborough had a flood I think in 1886 that devastated the original settlement area so they built up higher but of course this didn’t alleviate the problem all together but did it helped immensely. We know in the wet season we could be in flood so anything that is in these flood prone areas should take the initiative & prepare themselves for flood even if it doesn’t flood but to allow buildings to be built in known flood areas is reckless. The authorities should monitor these rising waters & inform these people who live & work in these flood prone areas that there is a likely hood of a flood coming their way but anyone who’s situated in flood areas should also show initiative as well, we do!!!


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