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Who’s been in a flood?

I’m in Queensland Australia & again we are flooded in already with the worse yet to come but we are far better off than some. The thing is with panic buying, some people buy up what they can but end up throwing a lot of it away that someone else who did without could have used, very annoying & unethical to say the least.


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    Jan 30 2013: G'day Kate

    Yes I'm still here but have been a little busy, I don’t ask many questions & I don’t watch the news so I haven’t much info except on the history of flood levels in Maryborough. At this time of the year it’s usually expected that we will sustain some sort of a flood, loss of life & lively hood however we haven’t had this kind of flood since 1974.

    The flood statistics are as follow from 1893 flood which was the biggest flood in recorded history in Maryborough.
    Flood levels are measured from the top of the body of water at that time of year, if you’re on a tidal river it is measured to the top of the full tide which means any water measured is above the surface area of water.
    History flood levels for Maryborough QLD
    Of course there have been many floods in between that have disrupted people lives but these major floods aren’t just disruptive but devastating to so many more people.


    PS The looting isn't too good
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        Jan 31 2013: Kate, if you ever want another career, then you would definitely be good at news reporting.
        Your updates are really informative.......I keep sharing all you write with my family.

        I'll ask you what I asked Matthew....

        Are you able to volunteer your time with the clean up....perhaps on the weekend with some charity group? Do such groups exist?

        How are those displaced from their homes helped? Are they placed in hotels, or are temporary homes put up for them? Or perhaps are they left to fend for themselves?

        Hopefully you are not looting like Matthew....LOL.....

        I'm off to start my day....Enjoy your evening. Stay safe
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          Feb 1 2013: G’day Mary

          Sorry Mary I wasn’t being ignorant I just missed out on your reply somehow.

          No I’m not in a position to volunteer Mary as I’m a little handicapped but being a carpenter/joiner my services are there in an emergency which has occurred. I can work but only to a degree plus I don’t usually volunteer however in saying that I did work at a learning centre for the disabled for thee & a half years tutoring in woodwork & literacy/numeracy mostly as a volunteer & I have helped out the lions club in emergency situations.

          The army’s helping out & there are volunteers from all over helping out as well.

          Concerning the looting it looks like most cheeky flood victims have taken their valuables with them this time, what is the world coming too……Joking…..There’s only been a couple of people caught looting but of course there are many more that don’t get caught I’m afraid. The authorities need to keep this under their hats a lot of the times because if flood victims thought for one minute that they were going to be looted they wouldn’t leave but in all in Australia most of us are a good punch of people who wouldn’t think of looting.

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      Jan 31 2013: Good Morning Matthew!

      Thanks for the stats.....I was wondering if you are in a position to volunteer with the clean up?
      Are there local or international volunteers that come in and help out?
      How are the people who lost their homes helped? By church groups, or Red Cross or other group?

      And.....what do you mean the looting isn't too good? Because I can interpret it as

      1....It's not good that some people are looting, OR

      2...You yourself are looting, and aren't happy with what you are finding :o LOL

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