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Who’s been in a flood?

I’m in Queensland Australia & again we are flooded in already with the worse yet to come but we are far better off than some. The thing is with panic buying, some people buy up what they can but end up throwing a lot of it away that someone else who did without could have used, very annoying & unethical to say the least.

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    Feb 3 2013: G'day Kate

    Thanks for keeping us so well informed throughout Kate & thanks to Mary & the others.

    Av a good one all.

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    Jan 29 2013: Hi Mathew,

    East Peninsular Malaysia would always experience the seasonal floods normally occurring by the end of the year.What the government would do is to move the people from the affected areas and place them at a designated shelter (normally schools would be the main designated place due to their safeness and the availability of large space). Everyone would sleep in the same room (the school's main hall,of course).For some, this may sound weird but only in this way does the sense of community would be inculcated into the community.People would talk to each other since there are no tv's to watch.They would cook and eat together.This somehow strengthens the bond that they share together.

    Let me know how it goes there down under.I have a family member living there and I am really worried sick for her.I pray for all Australia to be safe soon.
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      Jan 29 2013: G’day Muhammad

      It could have been a lot worse for us if the rain kept falling but again like the last flood it stopped otherwise it could have been a lot worse, Bundy already experienced a record flood just imagine if it kept raining so we can all thank God for our blessings. The flood levels are slowly going down & the main highway between the main centres is now open.

      I love what you do in your own country as it makes so much sense & I could imagine the bonding that would go on under such circumstances.

  • Jan 28 2013: We live in a flood lots of insurance for it too......our flooding comes when there is too much when there is a tropical depression right over us, and the city can't process the water fast enough through the drainage system. There are no rivers that reach their peak or anything like far, no water has ever come in our homes. The flooding is mostly in the streets.

    I do remember about 13 years ago coming out of work and the streets being flooded. I had to take off my shoes and walk to my car, where the water level was about 2 cm away from entering.....thank goodnes it didn't....and I was able to drive away from the flooded area.

    I have also been on an island and been caught in the middle of nowhere when a thunderstorm passed through.... and have had to cross a raging river holding on to ropes.....That was very very that moment in my life I realized how powerful water current could be.

    Matthew, I hope you and Kate remain safe.....and dry!!! Keep us posted!
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    • Feb 1 2013: It must be really hard to let go of the past. Your home, belongings, neighbors....Relocating after such disasters is not an easy thing.

      But, relocation is probably the best solution, I can't imagine the gov't rebuilding a city over and over again when there are other alternatives.

      What a dilemna!!!
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      Feb 1 2013: G'day Kate

      This is a very good point in continuously building in flood areas, I look around Maryborough & Hervey Bat & I can see where the councils have allowed estates to be built in areas that are swampy &/or flood prone, is it the same in Bundy Kate? I don’t know how they get away with it but they do.

      Maryborough had a flood I think in 1886 that devastated the original settlement area so they built up higher but of course this didn’t alleviate the problem all together but did it helped immensely. We know in the wet season we could be in flood so anything that is in these flood prone areas should take the initiative & prepare themselves for flood even if it doesn’t flood but to allow buildings to be built in known flood areas is reckless. The authorities should monitor these rising waters & inform these people who live & work in these flood prone areas that there is a likely hood of a flood coming their way but anyone who’s situated in flood areas should also show initiative as well, we do!!!

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      Feb 1 2013: G'day Kate

      The thing is Kate most people had plenty of time to organise a plan of action just in case as the north was already flooding & the depression was moving very slowly which of course added to the problem once it hit.

      We knew it was going to hit days before it hit, of course it could have gone out to sea or dissipated but you always plan it’s going to hit, I think one place up north had 36in’s, that should have said something to the people down here however the no one could have foreseen the mini tornados. I know the rivers down here came up fast but so did the northern rivers.

      People can be a little too complacent at times; we made plans for it to flood so why couldn’t have others who were caught by the flood however many did make plans I understand as this is the rainy season. We rely on others to tell us but why can’t we just use a little bit of common sense ourselves however common sense can’t help a great deal in preparing for flush flooding.

    • Feb 1 2013: Sounds like a well oiled machine down there.

      Everything works better when there is a spirit of cooperation.

      You will have to share with me what kind of work you will do in volunteering.

      We had a hurricane come through in 1992....Hurricane hit the Homestead are really hard..

      It was do disappointing to see the disorganization with the local relief agencies. Truck loads of donated things were just dumped on a tents, no order, and people showed up randomly to pick up supplies. Lots of people from neighboring towns went down to get stuff for sad!!!

      It took about 7 days for my church to get the relief work organized, but when it finally did, the work done was incredible.

      I would get up around 4:30 a.m. and carpool down to the area to prepare breakfast alongside others. We fed hundreds of volunteers in the morning, then off they went to clean homes and repair roofs.
      While they were away, we prepared lunch. Then the volunteers would come back in for lunch, and sit around to relax. Dinner was given by the homes that were lodging all the volunteers.

      I remember how swollen my fingers got from all the manual labor. Even my face swelled up and I would wake up with my eyes all swollen and shut. We worked so hard.

      They had a professional mobile kitchen and the cooks had experience preparing meals for hundreds of people.

      Usually after lunch, the chefs in charge would have us peel and prep items for the next day, to keep a leg up.

      That relief work went on for months and months. Thousands came from all over to help. Sometimes for a day sometimes the weekend, sometimes for a few weeks. I remember a group of young people who came from New Jersey.....they were so energetic. Their volunteer spirit was contagious.

      Natural disasters are hard to live through. But it is heartwarming to see the best of us come out in the form of helping our fellow human beings.
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    Jan 31 2013: Many times
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    Jan 30 2013: G'day Kate

    Yes I'm still here but have been a little busy, I don’t ask many questions & I don’t watch the news so I haven’t much info except on the history of flood levels in Maryborough. At this time of the year it’s usually expected that we will sustain some sort of a flood, loss of life & lively hood however we haven’t had this kind of flood since 1974.

    The flood statistics are as follow from 1893 flood which was the biggest flood in recorded history in Maryborough.
    Flood levels are measured from the top of the body of water at that time of year, if you’re on a tidal river it is measured to the top of the full tide which means any water measured is above the surface area of water.
    History flood levels for Maryborough QLD
    Of course there have been many floods in between that have disrupted people lives but these major floods aren’t just disruptive but devastating to so many more people.


    PS The looting isn't too good
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      • Jan 31 2013: Kate, if you ever want another career, then you would definitely be good at news reporting.
        Your updates are really informative.......I keep sharing all you write with my family.

        I'll ask you what I asked Matthew....

        Are you able to volunteer your time with the clean up....perhaps on the weekend with some charity group? Do such groups exist?

        How are those displaced from their homes helped? Are they placed in hotels, or are temporary homes put up for them? Or perhaps are they left to fend for themselves?

        Hopefully you are not looting like Matthew....LOL.....

        I'm off to start my day....Enjoy your evening. Stay safe
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          Feb 1 2013: G’day Mary

          Sorry Mary I wasn’t being ignorant I just missed out on your reply somehow.

          No I’m not in a position to volunteer Mary as I’m a little handicapped but being a carpenter/joiner my services are there in an emergency which has occurred. I can work but only to a degree plus I don’t usually volunteer however in saying that I did work at a learning centre for the disabled for thee & a half years tutoring in woodwork & literacy/numeracy mostly as a volunteer & I have helped out the lions club in emergency situations.

          The army’s helping out & there are volunteers from all over helping out as well.

          Concerning the looting it looks like most cheeky flood victims have taken their valuables with them this time, what is the world coming too……Joking…..There’s only been a couple of people caught looting but of course there are many more that don’t get caught I’m afraid. The authorities need to keep this under their hats a lot of the times because if flood victims thought for one minute that they were going to be looted they wouldn’t leave but in all in Australia most of us are a good punch of people who wouldn’t think of looting.

    • Jan 31 2013: Good Morning Matthew!

      Thanks for the stats.....I was wondering if you are in a position to volunteer with the clean up?
      Are there local or international volunteers that come in and help out?
      How are the people who lost their homes helped? By church groups, or Red Cross or other group?

      And.....what do you mean the looting isn't too good? Because I can interpret it as

      1....It's not good that some people are looting, OR

      2...You yourself are looting, and aren't happy with what you are finding :o LOL
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    Jan 29 2013: G'day Kate & TED Lovers

    I am back for now not knowing when the power will go off again as it's up to what's now still coming down the river but it would seem the worse is over for us for now, thank god it didn’t continue raining because we are already equalling the 1955 floods in Maryborough but I here Bundy has broken all records. It’s not really a record one wants to break however.

    As usual our heroes are out there doing more than their part.

    With this amalgamated council they have stuffed up again where they never have prior to the amalgamation, what can I say about council amalgamations!!!


    PS I haven't herd of too much looting going on have you Kate?
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    • Jan 29 2013: Thanks so much for the update Kate.

      So glad you and Matthew are safe.

      How does the relief effort work once it's all over? Have you got knowledge of this?
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        • Jan 30 2013: Wow Kate...the waiting part must be kind of unbearable.

          We have gone through several hurricanes here in south florida.
          And we have been without electricity and under a boil water order for days and days after a hurricane.

          I remember one particular time that I longed to see the images of the damage but did not have access to a tv or internet....iphones were not invented was terrible when I finally saw the images, but the waiting was murder!!! And the not knowing about friends was also terrible.

          So far the images from Australia are incredible......I don't watch much I am thankful that at least through Mathew and you I learned of this situation and can access online news reports.

          I belong to an internation parent's group with members in Australia......I have written to the group to see if they are all allright.

          Let's hope for the best.

          Thank you so much for sharing. You are all in my prayers. Stay safe.

  • Jan 28 2013: Just read through the BBC news where they report 2 deaths due to flood waters sweeping away two men in their cars.
    Very sad Matthew. Hope you get your power back on soon, and hopefully there are no more casualties.

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    Jan 28 2013: G,day Kate & Mary

    The power is off now has been all night, the laptop has a low battery so can't stay long. We are high & dry but a lot of houses aren't. Mary at least we don't have to cross raging waters thank God.
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      Jan 28 2013: G’day Kate

      The helicopters have been going all day mostly evacuating one whole suburb of Maryborough& the sirens have barely stopped all day. So I gather you’re OK still? Our river has just peaked at 11m supposedly. The problem with us is that the river curves around the town, we are in that pocket were it curves around but it looks like we are OK.

      With the panic buying from the last flood you could only buy two loafs of bread max but one lass had eight in her basket & when she got up to the counter the checkout lass said to her that you could only buy a max of two loafs so she threw the loafs of bread on the floor & stomped all over them. Floods can bring the worse out in some people but the best out in most.

    • Jan 28 2013: Keep safe Kate!!