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Who’s been in a flood?

I’m in Queensland Australia & again we are flooded in already with the worse yet to come but we are far better off than some. The thing is with panic buying, some people buy up what they can but end up throwing a lot of it away that someone else who did without could have used, very annoying & unethical to say the least.


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      Jan 28 2013: G’day Kate

      The helicopters have been going all day mostly evacuating one whole suburb of Maryborough& the sirens have barely stopped all day. So I gather you’re OK still? Our river has just peaked at 11m supposedly. The problem with us is that the river curves around the town, we are in that pocket were it curves around but it looks like we are OK.

      With the panic buying from the last flood you could only buy two loafs of bread max but one lass had eight in her basket & when she got up to the counter the checkout lass said to her that you could only buy a max of two loafs so she threw the loafs of bread on the floor & stomped all over them. Floods can bring the worse out in some people but the best out in most.

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      Jan 28 2013: Keep safe Kate!!

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