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Should our present day healing also consist of ancient healing practices?

I used to have OCD, Depression, built up anger,.... I went to a spiritual healer who channels one of the hindu angels, and the angel was able to heal me of all the above listed mental problems. My question now is that should we change modern day healing to incorporate ancient healing methods too. I find that today's healing is more about earning money, its more of a scam.


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  • Feb 3 2013: In general Yes! would homoeopathy fall under this umbrella as well?

    My opinion is that in the olden days, believing in a spiritual world was normal. Now science seems to be obliterating that because it cannot detect or measure anything spiritual, so it is not there.

    Just as our mind influences our body through the brain, it in turn is strongly influenced by the spiritual world we live in.

    Very glad about your experience and how it helped. Sometimes people have a NDE and that may be the best thing that ever happened to them, and changed their life, sometimes.

    This is a book about that spiritual world http://webhome.idirect.com/~abraam/documents/TheSpiritualWorld.pdf
    See what you think

    It seems very much the case that healing is very much about money, that's why I call it the Medical Industry. But it is not limited to that at all. People in general seem to only have a job to make money, not to be useful and make a difference.

    One of Swedenborg's most famous quotes is
    "Man is born not for the sake of himself, but for the sake of others."

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