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Should our present day healing also consist of ancient healing practices?

I used to have OCD, Depression, built up anger,.... I went to a spiritual healer who channels one of the hindu angels, and the angel was able to heal me of all the above listed mental problems. My question now is that should we change modern day healing to incorporate ancient healing methods too. I find that today's healing is more about earning money, its more of a scam.


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    Jan 28 2013: I would guess that modern healing methods draw on the past and incorporate, after all medicine didn't just appear out of a vacuum, today's medicine builds on the past.
    • Jan 28 2013: Yes Greg, today's system must have evolved from the past, the only problem is that today's system has gone so scientific that they have put aside all other forms of healing. I got healed of OCD, Depression, built up anger... for free. To see a therapist it would cost me at least C$80 per session and it would definitely take more than 5 sessions to heal, so that would mean 80X5=C$400+taxes, if it were even more serious, it would cost me more. All I am saying is that we have corrupted the current system whereby we are charged for, when we should not be paying at all.
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        • Jan 29 2013: Not only that, but I was proposing that our schools too should have a similar system whereby they don't only have to give students access to a psychiatrist, but also a healer. I did forget to add that for my problems to end it took only 10 minutes. Yet when I used to go to a therapist I would talk for almost an hour and nothing would happen.

          The ancient ways of healing are cost and time effective. The Angels also do culture us well, I did ask is there a cure for aids, cancer... I was told yes there is. (I did not ask any further as I did not have either of the problems).
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        Jan 29 2013: I don't know, Kunal, any system that seems like it might help does get a look from science. For instance, acupuncture and chiropractic used to be distrusted, but now I think there is more acceptance.

        Actually, many psychologists are quite happy to see their patients get involved in religion, believe it is good for them.

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