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For those of you who live in other countries, how do you feel toward the United States?

Since I don't travel much from my home near Los Angeles, I often wonder how others feel toward America and Americans.


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    Jan 29 2013: The victory of bringing back peace to people all over the world since only few countries have the power to do so.Yes, I am referring to the defeat of Japan and Germany.You know, my grandma would always say that without the service of the USA people in the Far East during WW2, we would still be in our 'dark ages'.

    The world has changed, very much indeed.Going back 50 years ago, I doubt a person like me could have a conversation with a person like you.Thank God for technology.But USA still has the power to bring peace to people all over the world.

    The Palestine-Israel issue should be a start I suppose.
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        Jan 30 2013: Kate,

        My hometown is a place named Butterworth in Penang. If you were to google the name of that place, it was once the RAAF base stationed in Malaya.Australians also played a major role during the war (and much more, The Malayan Emergency to name a few) and for that Malaysians are forever thankful for.We see Australia as a 'big brother' to us since we share a long history way back to the colonial days.How could we ever forget that.The memorial still stands at the island's esplanade .From what I see, cooperation was far more important than competition in those days.That I think is something worth taking note.
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      Jan 31 2013: Boy, Muhammad, I think you may be overestimating the U.S. One country out of 150. We cannot bring peace to the world by ourselves. I'm sorry, what country do you live in? What efforts is your country making for peace?

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