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For those of you who live in other countries, how do you feel toward the United States?

Since I don't travel much from my home near Los Angeles, I often wonder how others feel toward America and Americans.


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    Feb 1 2013: It's just where society still is at the moment. I think the human specemin is similar the world over, but I think people are different, in as much as cultures really do make people look at things different. Every empire has it's positive and neative impacts. The brittish empire created industry but also industrialized slavery, the americans created many aspects of the modern world but also created (the now failing) capitalist model. Hopefully in the future, there won't be just one dominent empire. Hopefully we can build a global society with true international dialogue rather than the half-baked fear driven thing that we have now. I think the Ted ideoligis are deffinitely the progressive ones that could lead us all in to a more possitive, more global future. The question is, when will society be ready to transition. It means every society in the world coming to terms with and admitting their ills. - In my opinion, you can only lead by example as forced ideoligies are inherently corrupt. DC

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