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For those of you who live in other countries, how do you feel toward the United States?

Since I don't travel much from my home near Los Angeles, I often wonder how others feel toward America and Americans.


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    Jan 27 2013: G’day Greg

    The first things that comes into mind is greed & power mongering but that of course doesn’t apply to every citizen in the US only a few who really don’t care about anything else but themselves & of course we have them out in Australia as well.

    I think the US seems a little like war mongers which is usually connected to dominance, power & money but in saying this if it wasn’t for the US countries like Australia would be in a lot of trouble which would be equal to what happened in WWII.

    In all the US is a necessity to countries like Australia as we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the US being what it is.

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      Jan 28 2013: Thank you, Mathew. If a country is dominant, why do you think it becomes so?

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