Nicholas Lukowiak


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What is the most important value(s)? What should every person have? If not value(s), what skill(s) or ability(s)?

The value, skill, and/or ability should be able to be taught, understood, shared, expressed freely, and has the potential to only develop.

I want to teach one day; enough insight could allow me to establish an amazing criteria for shaping the minds of our future. Help me (and other educators) build the future.

Personally critical thinking is the most important value. Just limitless in possibilities that can arise from thinking freely. Also I think critical thinking is a skill and ability that would only benefit values.

  • Mar 30 2011: Most importance values - I would say honesty and integrity. As for skills, I think that would be different for each person. Hence, I would say optimize your own innate creative talents.
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    Mar 30 2011: Nicholas, I think curiosity and creativity are essential to build the future, however they are not developed at schools, as Sir Ken Robinson said on his talks. I also agree with you on the critical thinking skill, and if developed with creative thoughts and ideas your students will be able to build a better future!