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What if after completing your degree you realize " This profession is not for me" ?

so what one should do?

  • Jan 28 2013: Then don't be afraid to find out what it is you really want to do! I found myself stuck in this situation just lately when I graduated from college. "What now?" Once I was working in my field, I started wondering if I really wanted to be there. Also remember, there are multiple avenues you can go down with a degree - not just always the most obvious one (as most people like to see). Keep you mind open and look for options. Try a few and if you still don't like it, try getting training in a different area or another degree.
    Many people don't end up working in the field they studied in college. There's nothing wrong with that. It simply means you have a lot more knowledge about an area you aren't particularly interested in. It's never too late to do what you really want to and, also, there's nothing wrong with having in-depth knowledge in multiple areas. Relax, breathe, talk to someone you admire (a mentor) and see what advice they may have for you.
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    Jan 27 2013: This depends very much on the situation. For example, have you finished your degree or are you asking in advance?

    What are you now prepared to do, or to learn to do, other than what people with your degree normally do?

    Many people get a versatile enough education to take a direction different from the profession for which they originally planned.

    Might I ask your field of preparation and how far you have pursued it?
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    Jan 28 2013: Well, life and education are like nature. Have you ever heard that nature never wastes anything? I think it's true, and having gotten education in one field no doubt will become useful somehow even if you don't work in that field.

    I guess you'd have to figure out what you really like. How does one do that? Go to a job counselor. Talk to your family and friends. Ask them when you seem the happiest to them. For example, are you happiest when playing the guitar? Perhaps you should pursue music.
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    Jan 28 2013: Do some work in the field of your degree, I say that because the real word is completely different then the university world, and you cannot know how it will be until you work in it.
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    Gail .

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    Jan 28 2013: When I was an employer, I didn't care much about what field the degree was in.
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      Jan 28 2013: I was thinking just this very thing......some degrees can be used in many fields.
  • Jan 28 2013: My major, starting from this March, is Chinese.
    I don't necessarily think it's "for" me.
    I just want to learn it. I want a valuable experience.

    I'm not going to let any of my degrees to define who I am or what I am capable of.

    I'm just so eager to learn something meaningful or useful or fascinating and put it into practice so that I would be able to get a chance to broaden my way.

    Completing my degree is a part of the things in my list.
    Even if it doesn't seem like “it's for me”, I shan't blame myself or anyone.

    God, the truth is, I don't know anything about myself and my future.
    Who knows? Whether you realize or not, it might help you deal with some of your difficult problems in the near future.
    It might give you an opportunity to take an important job.

    It might enable you to make new good friends in different fields.

    I'm sure there'd be no regrets of completing my degree unless I've been forced to complete it against my will.
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      Jan 28 2013: Hi Elizabeth!!

      Great insight in your comment.....especially the last sentence.
      • Jan 28 2013: Long time no see, Mary!! :)

        Best wishes,
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    Jan 28 2013: There are so many answers to your question.

    Kind of reminds me of being in a restaurant and ordering a meal; then, when the food arrives, you look over to what someone else is eating and you no longer want to eat what you ordered, you feel you made the wrong choice.

    There are so many choices out there for everything.

    With a university degree it can be daunting to come to the end, then think you chose the wrong profession.

    But all is not lost ...... you can work and make nice wages, and then finance new studies in another field if you'd like.

    I remember my first job after university....Three weeks after starting my professional career I decided to call it quits and I came home on a Friday dragging all my belongings with me, and told my parents I had chosen the wrong profession. My mom told me that on Monday it would not seem that rest on the weekend and march myself back into my job on Monday.......It's been 26 years now......and I love that I didn't quit because I really and truly enjoy what I do.

    Time has a way of helping us see clearly.

    Also, you might want to check out these TED talks on choices. They are really really good, and help us see what choices are, and what choices are not:
  • Jan 28 2013: Fritzie is right you should have had some warning. Of course, an advanced degree is just more school Be flexible.
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      Jan 28 2013: I meant something a little different. Khayam might be finished with his schooling and realize only now that he is not interested in what he prepared himself to do.

      Alternatively, he might be earlier in his education and wonder what happens if when he finishes he doesn't like that line of work.