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NYPD is testing a virtual pat down device

NYPD made public that they ar testing a virtual pat down device using technology that detects terahertz, which is the natural energy people and inanimate objects emit. Once something obstructs the radiation, like a concealed weapon, the device "highlights" that object so it is in clear view.

The scanners are worrying individuals who believe this technology violates their Fourth Amendment rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

The gun scanning technology will help lessen the need for NYPD's use of Stop and Frisk procedures that allowed officers to stop New Yorkers for random street interrogations or searches. In 2011, about 600,000-plus New Yorkers were stopped.

If authorized to carry the person would not be detained. If illegal then they would be detained and the gun taken off the street.

There are hundreds of articles on this subject on the web for further reading.

How do you view this new tool.


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    Jan 31 2013: As much as I know about the US Arms Act, it is not very difficult to get a firearms license, so what is the use of such a scanning device but the vague hope, that mainly 'illegally' weapons are the truly harmful ones? Has this been statistically confirmed? And if so, what makes the 'bad guys' to shy the registration? And what about plastic guns in the shape of a cell-phone? Also detectable?

    100% of safety only comes by 0% of personal freedom, at least theoretically. Practically, any percentage unequal to zero is one 'year' closer to Orwell's 1984, a fact, 'the land of the free' ought to consider ... :o)
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      Jan 31 2013: Lejan, I like your approach. I suspect that the terahertz theory applies to all solid objects. The liberals have tried for years to disarm America. This year the tactic is the dead bodies of children and a shot Representative. As for the firearms license ... I think the underground does not want the trace anywhere around them.

      Orwell is no longer a writer but has elevated to the prophet status.

      As for disguised weapons ... well you can't have everything ... one step at a time.

      Thanks for the reply. I wish you well. Bob.

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