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What can we do to increase our will power?

I am attempting to locate a Ted talk and to answer the question of how to increase our daily will power. As I recall the talks basic thesis is that we, as individuals, only have so much "Will Power". Like a fuel tank when it is empty, it needs to be filled.

I believe the speaker never mentions methods to fill this tank. My natural assumptions are that a good nights sleep will do this. Then the next day you are ready to go. What I am looking for are methods, tips, tricks to help our daily will power when we do not have time for a good nights sleep.

Example: You have just had a grueling day but now have an evening meeting that is important and you need to be mentally up to speed. What can an individual do to fill that will power tank? Nap? Fruit? etc.

If I find the talk I would like to email the speaker and ask what they found refilled that tank. From my recollection that point was never specifically addressed.


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    Jan 27 2013: G’day Leo

    Funny enough to me it’s acceptance of oneself, the environment, the rest of humanity & your own circumstances the way it is. Accept the situation the way it is not the way you want it to be because if were not accepting of how it actually is we are ongoing to waste our time conflicting with this non-acceptance. Once you are non-conflicting you are then able to see much clearly what needs to be changed. Conflicts take away the power of will power but acceptance does quite the opposite.


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