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Could our lack of expressive passion be a cause to the lessened interest of children in science?

I volunteer tutor at our local middle school, in a program called AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) and I was given the opportunity to be a guest speaker in one of the classes I tutor for (8th grade). after the personal questions were handled I offered to talk about science to the best of my ability, and the questions began rushing in. I personally feel like a product of Carl Sagans educational wake, and the passions he expressed throughout his teaching of young minds, manifest within me that day. I got to watch the lights of every child's mind ignite with pure curiosity, and fascination, and that left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Why weren't they already like that? so I began asking them why they weren't very interested in learning science in the school, many of them told me because it's all boring, you don't learn anything, and many of them didn't understand or even listen to bill nye the science guy videos despite him being a very very powerful thinker. So my question to ted, and to everyone really is, Why are we losing fascination with reality enough to not pass it on to the minds of tomorrow?

How can we give these kids that inspirational jolt to become enthralled with nature?

after my talk, I had kids tell me that they wanted to study the stars, and study the ocean, to pursue the greatest goals, science grabbed hold of their minds, and that is something I wish could happen more often.


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    Jan 27 2013: why are you a volunteer, and not paid to do it full time?
    • Jan 27 2013: That is a very good point, and I want to, as well as many other things, I am a physics major and I do plan on teaching, but that is not an immediate thing that can happen, unless I am mistaken.

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