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What if nothing comes from our devotion, effort, faith and work?

Samuel Beckett said:
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

But...what's the measure of failure? When should we declare 'time-out'?


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    Feb 2 2013: I believe that if you think this way then you are not exhibiting faith to begin with. I am personally a woman of faith and believe that it makes all the difference. Yet for those who are not so sure, when you faith enables you to show compassion to another human being, to clothe a naked child, or feed a hungry man, it makes all the difference if only the person who received that kindness. And when that simple act is done, you have no idea the impact it could have that one life and, in turn, how many lives, that person will impact because you in your faith decided to act in compassion.

    Now on a personal level, I have a personal relationship with the God who created me. He is my Father; He talks to me, teaches me things, chastises me, and, ultimately, enables me to reach the destiny that He created me to fulfill. That is the proof that there are lasting benefits and fruit demonstrating the efficacy of my faith in my God. However, if one's religion does consist of mere routines and a constant reaching without ever finding anything to fill the void within, then I would be as concerned as anyone about the potential failure of my faith. That is no way to live.

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