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What if nothing comes from our devotion, effort, faith and work?

Samuel Beckett said:
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

But...what's the measure of failure? When should we declare 'time-out'?


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  • Feb 2 2013: When can you declare time-out? well my own spiritual leader says that it is your own karma that is not bringing in the results you want, so keep trying as u may never know when your karma of failure is going to end?. If it is in your fate that you shall never be successful then that is it, but of course no one ever has only bad circumstances in their entire life. His advise was that if you've failed for now, then try again after a while (don't know how long a while would mean), but maybe the next time you try you might just make it??? give your failures a break, and when you feel good about yourself then ask your intuition again, let it guide you.

    Try and remember the speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford university, whereby he was once poor, he kept trying when most of us would have given up, and then we now know how he created the companies he created. I remember him saying that just have faith that the dots shall connect. I know his video is there on ted.com.

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