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What if nothing comes from our devotion, effort, faith and work?

Samuel Beckett said:
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

But...what's the measure of failure? When should we declare 'time-out'?


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    Jan 31 2013: Of course I write also for myself because it gives me infinite pleasure (even though it's very hard) but -believe me- the 'BUT' are not something you might build on. I give you one :'Your book is too good for an Italian audience'. Yhis of course, pens a can of worms regarding the social-political issues we have here.

    But I'll go on...
    Thank you, Colleen!
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      Jan 31 2013: Gogo,
      Yes, we CAN indeed build on the "BUT".

      I was a professional actor for awhile, and when I started auditioning for roles, I thought the casting directors had the same imagination as I did, and could see that I could play the roles. Often times, they would say....you can act, sing and dance ok, but you don't look the part. Well, I know that with make-up hair and costume we can look almost ANY part. So, I started showing up for auditions "looking" the part. Guess what? I started getting the jobs!

      I altered my perception and practices to "fit" what they wanted, so I could get what I wanted.....make any sense?

      If they are telling you your book is too good for an Italian audience, have you tried to market it somewhere else....to a different audience?

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